Concert Review – Illumina at St Martin-in-the-Fields

Ellie Lovegrove and Richard Moore form the trumpet and organ duo Illumina. At their St-Martin-in-the Fields concert on February 12th they demonstrated an extraordinary range of textures and sonorities in their performance of Tobjorn Hultmark’s Tryptik and their recent commission: Five Poems by Paul Burke. Through these works Illumina demonstrated the vast sound world accessible to the trumpet and organ […]

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Y Music 10: Job or Vocation: What is an orchestra for?

When poet Dana Gioia gave the 2007 Commencement Address at Stanford University, he used the occasion to deliver an impassioned argument for the value of the arts and arts education. “Art is an irreplaceable way of understanding and expressing the world,” said Gioia. “There are some truths about life that can be expressed only as […]

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Sivu MRI

Y Music 9: I is for Inspiration

Maybe it is the inspiration of India that has prompted this post – the thoughts crystalised whilst practising pranayama (breathing exercises) near the Indian Ocean this morning. Whatever the reason, the etymology of inspiration is fascinating. It contains the cross fertilisation of many related concepts: from the Old French inspiracion “inhaling, breathing in; inspiration,” from Latin inspirare “inspire, inflame, […]

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H is for Health stroke recovery

Y Music 8 H is for Health

Y Music is intended to show how music, currently pushed to the economic margins is actually a priceless resource for us all. Y Music is aiming to bring into focus, the emotional, cognitive, psychological and health benefits of music. All of these produce economic benefits that need to be clearly demonstrated to policymakers. If the […]

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Einstein playing violin

Y Music 7: G is for Genius

G is for Genius – viz. Einstein’s musical brain “Musicians have more pronounced cortical knobs than nonmusicians” (Bangert and Schlaug,2006).Our brains are “neuroplastic” they change and adapt particularly when we are young, and scientists are discovering that musician’s brains are the most neuroplastic of all! Here is a great summary of the recent research into […]

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Y Music 6: F = Flexible and Future Proof!

Sums up Sinfonia Verdi’s lean, adaptable ethos! “There’s something about the rock star’s genes that is signaling creativity, flexibility of thinking, flexibility of mind and body, an ability to express and process emotions — not to mention that (musical talent) signals that if you can waste your time on something that has no immediate impact […]

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Y music 5: E is for Ecstasy – and Einstein

Music induced ecstasy (the word coming from the Greek ekstasis, to be or stand outside) – often begins with “chills” up and down the spine and can suddenly appear out of nowhere. Researchers are now closer to finding out what is going on. Dr Robert Zatorre, neuroscientist at McGill University measured dopamine release in response […]

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