Y Music 6: F = Flexible and Future Proof!


Sums up Sinfonia Verdi’s lean, adaptable ethos!

“There’s something about the rock star’s genes that is signaling creativity, flexibility of thinking, flexibility of mind and body, an ability to express and process emotions — not to mention that (musical talent) signals that if you can waste your time on something that has no immediate impact on food-gathering and shelter, you’ve got your food-gathering and shelter taken care of” (Neuroscientist and musician Daniel Levitin of McGill University)


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The bulk of the future work skills outlined above are highly developed through a contemporary musical training, particularly novel and adaptive thinking, social intelligence, cross cultural competency and virtual collaboration.

Darwin held that music was selected by evolution because it signals certain kinds of intellectual, physical and sexual fitness to a potential mate. Could this also be why music having served us well in the past can prepare us for the future?


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